Saturday, January 29, 2011

Satan manifestation on image of true savior

Another manifestation of satan (appearance of blood) on image of the supergod christ in st. michael's church in Mumbai. Could not save himself from satan how is he expected to save others. Another proof of idiocy of christians.

Image of mother mary or something else......

Looks more like some giant guy peed on the wall and these idiots start praying it as an image of mother mary.... (The virgin of Guadalupe)

Satanic christianity

Idiotic christians claim statues of mother mary weeping tears of blood as some sort of a miracle but what they fail to realize is that there is nothing spiritual about it rather this is a manifestation of satan. This proves christianity IS devil worship.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nice deeds of Devil's Henchmen a.k.a. Christian missionaries

Only devil worshipers can be cruel enough to abuse young and defenseless children...

Evil missionary deeds in India...

This is what evil missionaries are up to India. All in the name of helping the poor and the downtrodden. These scum need to be thrown out of India for good. Is it not the Devil that inspires you to give up your religion and follow him? That's what these devil's Henchmen a.k.a. missionaries want you to do.

Exposing the idiocy of fundamentalist Christians

Just watch and have hearty laugh at stupid Christians.

Awakened christian..

Now here is a Christian who discovered who jesus truely was....